Training Courses for the workplace 

We take great pride to provide a variety of training opportunities suitable for the workplace, to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees and customers. With options on the depth of training and covering specific areas of mental health support, we are able to meet the needs of your organisation. Our aimis to ensure your staff are equipped to manage their own mental wellbeing and recognise when others may require support, as well as how to approach these situations as they arise.  
Training options available for online delivery unless stated: 
Our recently developed online courses include;  
Mental Health Skills in; Construction, Financial Services, Engineering, Public Sector, Education, Call Handlers, (other industry specific courses on request) 
We also deliver training around specific common mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, Suicide and Self Harm Prevention and developing skills in maintaining your own mental wellbeing.  
A combination of training options will provide your workplace with the tools to create a mentally healthy workplace. Which reduces absenteesim, increases producitvity and staff retention, and that's not to mention the human element of showing you are a business or organisation that care about their staff. 

Why Invest in Mental Health Training? 

1 in 4 employees say they fear negative consequences if they make their mental ill health formal. 
For every £1 invested in mental health in the workplace there is a return of between £3 and £8 dependant on how proactive or reactive your workplace is. 
The average cost to employers is £1700 per employee per year. Accross industries the highest annual costs of mental health per employee are finance, insurance and estate agency industries at £3300 while hospitality & leisure industries was the lowest at £750. This is based on the Deloitte Report which was published in January 2020 Pre-Covid. We belive this will have had a dramatic change and await the next update.  
The cost of poor mental health at work costs UK employers an estimated £45 billion, of which £29.6bn is presenteeism, £8.6bn staff turnover and £6.8bn absence from the Deloitte report Jan 2020
Changing the culture of mental health in the workplace, through training and guidance support services
Is it time to make mental health at work a priority?

How is the training delivered? 

Learning takes place through a mix of group activities, media, presentations and discussions, in a safe and supportive environment. 
Currently all of our training and services are available using an interactive online learning hub. 
What you learn will depend on the length of course you attend. Please view our specific course pages of interest for more detailed information on all of the courses and workshops we currently offer.  
Additional Specialist Services 
We have additional services for on-going support and guidance such as;  
In-House Drop in Clinic, which is a service where one of our registered mental health professionals attend your organisation for a four hour clinic service where employees, volunteers, and employers can all attend. The time can be broken down to suit your needs, below is an example; 
1 hour of guidance and training for the MHFAider(s), 1 hour group activity, 2 hours split into half hour slots for 1:1 booked discussions about their mental health in a confidential manner. Or you can use the full 4 hours with back to back appointments, or a group guidance and training afternoon. (Groups are capped to a maximum of 16 to ensure the full benefit is being received). To book this service call 01803 659566. 
Our Employee Assistance Programme or 'Bridging the Gap' service, enables an on-going support & consultancy service for employers, employees, or anyone attached to the organisation to make use of. This is paid for by the organisation to enable an individual that requires assistance with their mental health but have found themselves waiting for mainstream services support. We provide fast access to a registered mental health professional to help with begin the recovery process. Keeping them in work ideally, but certainly preventing a longer term absence than is necessary. This service already is proving invaluable to our customers who have opted to use it and feedback shows they truly believe lives have been saved through accessing this service.  
By adding the EAP programme your organisation will be recognised as a Mindmaps Wellbeing Platinum Member - leading the way for mental health care and wellbeing in the workplace. 
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