Free access for all delegates that complete a mental health first aid course with Mindmaps Wellbeing, you'll also be joining a community of MHFAiders with an open discussion board to support each other. 
The self-care app for workplace wellbeing 
Feedback from some MINDWELL users. 
“Simply such a fantastic hub, I believe every workplace should have one. You can count us in for an Organisational hub when it goes fully live.” 
“Wow! I love this hub, what a remarkable idea. It has already been helpful to me, I look forward to the guided mindfulness coming soon. Can I show it to my boss yet?” 
“Great concept, I really like the idea of the hub starting small and growing week on week with new content. With what you have told me is coming in content, it would be overwhelming to have everything in one go. I look forward to my ping every week to see what lands next.” 
"Whenever I'm using a BETA version of anything I'm normally one to give the negatives, but I'm struggling here. It's well laid out, easy to use and provides so many options in one place for self-care, mental health & wellbeing learning and loads of useful resources. You've got something really good here." 
“This should be a no-brain-er for any organisation, to include as part of their mental wellbeing programme” 

MINDWELL  The Self-Care app for Workplace Wellbeing.  

See the Mind Map for just some of what you'll discover in MINDWELL.  
New content is added regularly keeping it fresh and up to date.  
you can choose to spread the cost over 4 easy instalments of £23.75 with Clear-pay through the checkout link.  

MINDWELL  Great for individuals, perfect for organisations. 

Click on each heading to find out more. 
MINDWELL is a support and guidance app for self-care and workplace wellbeing. This is not for a crisis support. Within the app you will find direct links to Samaritans 116123 and SHOUT 85258.  
Thought and Reflection space 
Virtual wellbeing trips 
Guided Mindfulness 
Gut health & your mental wellbeing. 
Coming soon real life experiences with people sharing their own journey's* 
*If you have a story of your own you would like to share in any format from written content, video or voice let us know at 
Stigma & Language 
Stress management* 
Suicide prevention* 
Diversity & mental health* 
*These modules are added shortly after MINDWELL so as not to be overwhelming when you first open the app. 
Direct access to various support options, where possible websites are embedded for ease of use and access. Those that are unabe to be dispplayed directly have an easy link to take you to the recommended site. If you press back when you are done it will take you back into MINDWELL. Please note all sites are links for mobile devices currently.  

Tim Lloyd - Guest speaking for Crew Radio & The Sounding Board.  

Tim Lloyd co-founder of Mindmaps Wellbeing guest speaks for Crew Radio & The Sounding Board. During the pandemic Tim guest spoke for several networking groups and recorded a couple of pod-casts which have relevant information 
RMN, BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Postgraduate in Healthcare Education, Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 
RMN, BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Postgraduate in Healthcare Education, Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 

Lisa Bailey-Brown - brings you  Love Always Lisa  

Get to know the people behind their business with Lisa's Love Always Lisa, pod-casts. A relaxed conversation with the fantastic host 'Lisa B-B' 
Including a conversation with Michael H-H co-founder of Mindmaps Wellbeing.  
In this section you will find useful videos relating to mental health and wellbeing.  
Samaritans campaign to prevent rail suicide - content warning.  
Freddie Flintoff discusses his bulimia experience.  
Rachel Egan - Talking about her experience with an eating disorder. 
Making sense of CBT 
Personality disorder 
Regular updates with additional videos being added.  
In the attached files tab you will find a comprehensive amount of content available for you to download and use.  
Various statistics around mental health and wellbeing. The Deloitte report, The Looking Glass (for people working in media production), HSE statistics on construction. More to be added regularly.  
Use the community board for peer support moderated by the instructor team of Registered Mental Health Nurses / Clinicians.  
Tailored MINDWELL app specific for your workplace, to include: 
How to contact your MHFAiders 
How to contact your physical first aiders 
How to access your Employee Assistance Programme (if relevant) 
Share workplace specific content in most formats (eg word, excel, pdf, mp3, mp4, mov. video links). 
Additional Extras 
Additional tailored learning modules 
Live instructor led group discussions 
Live instructor led mental health training 
All our training courses are available through the MINDWELL app for online or in-person for live instructor led training. Including mental health first aid and wellbeing at work 12-month training programme, our instructor team are all Registered Mental Health Nurses / Clinicians. 
MINDWELL the app for your Self-Care & Workplace Wellbeing! 
Support your wellbeing 
✅ Improve your knowledge and understanding 
✅ Increase your confidence when supporting others 
✅ Practical Tools & Resources 
✅ Download-able files 
✅ New content regularly added 
✅ Desktop & Mobile 
✅ Community discussion board moderated by Registered Mental  
Health Clinicians 
✅ Direct message to the instructor team 
✅ Technical support 
✅ Tailored for your workplace / organisation 

Monthly membership fee: For a limited time only get a lifetime* licence for MINDWELL at £95pp  

*Lifetime access is for as long as the platform and the product exists, you will have access to the content.  
FEE BLOCK OUT FOR A LIMITED TIME WE ARE OFFERING MINDWELL AT JUST £95PP FOR A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. *Lifetime is for as long as the platform or the product exist. 

Our Mission is to:  Change The Culture of Workplace Mental Health We believe MINDWELL is a superb tool to aid with this putting the 'Well' into Workplace 'Well'being. 

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All our instructors at Mindmaps Wellbeing are Registered Mental Health Clinicians. 

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