Frequently Asked Questions 

Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider) courses are designed for everyone. 
Through this course, we take people on a journey to understand what mental health is. We discuss how we all have mental health, like physical health, and we teach people to look after their own and others’ wellbeing. 
MHFAider courses: 
Encourage people to challenge the language we use around mental health 
Explore our different frames of reference and the stigma attached to mental health 
Help people to understand what good mental health looks like 
Explore the factors that can have an impact on our mental health 
Look at how to support yourself and others with self-care, giving the skills to influence your own mental health and help prevent mental ill health 
Teach how to intervene (including in a crisis), reassure and signpost to further support 
Teach about diagnosing mental health conditions, what unwell looks like and how to spot these signs in yourself and others 
Talk about what to do if you think someone is unwell and the steps to take for early intervention 
Talk about recovery from mental illness and looking forward 
For more detail on what you learn on the different MHFA England courses, contact us. 
We believe MHFA England training works as one part of a joined up mental healthcare system. Each of our courses are based on research and developed by mental health experts alongside people with lived experience of mental ill health. 
Research and evaluation has repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of MHFA training in England and worldwide. 
Download for further information 
To become a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider) you need to take a Mental Health First Aider course. 
This course is usually delivered through our MINDWELL Companion online learning hub. For closed groups, we offer online or in-person delivery. 
You can book as an individual onto one of our public dates. 
If you are looking to train six people or more in your organisation, get in touch with our workplace mental health experts to learn more and to discuss your requirements. 
Email with as much notice as possible. 
Be aware there may be a fee to change course date or a cancellation fee may be applicable dependent on the notice provided for your changes and the impact on the course you are assigned to.  
Should circumstances mean that you need to transfer to another course the following charges will apply, dependent on the notice 
First transfer made more than 28 days prior to the course start date – no charge 
Additional transfers or first transfer made with 27 to 15 days’ notice given - 25% of the course fee 
Any transfer with 14 days to 4 days' notice - 5O% of the course fee 
Any transfer with 3 days' notice - Full course fee is applicable with a reduced re-booking fee being offered 
All transfers must be taken within a period of twelve months where possible, unless otherwise agreed in writing by post or email. 
Should circumstances mean that you must cancel your course and are unable to transfer your booking to another date at the time 
of cancellation, the following charges will apply: 
More than 28 days prior to the course start date – no charge 
27 to 15 days prior to the course start date - 5O% of the course fee 
14 to 7 days prior to the course start date – 75% of course fee 
7 days or less prior to course start date - Full fee 
If you have previously transferred your course from an alternative date and now wish to cancel altogether there will be a 25% administration fee payable, in addition to the charges listed above. 
Cancellation must be confirmed in writing by post or email and received before the course start date. 
Yes, we do. 
We provide a reduced fees for the following; 
Charities, CIC's and similar organisations 
NHS, Blue-light 
Student NUS card holders 
In receipt of means tested benefits 
Group bookings 
All invoices can be split over 4 easy payments using Clear-Pay at the checkout. 
The 12-month Wellbeing at Work course is available on our payment plan with a 
£300 deposit and x10 instalments at £150 p/m. 
We strive to create courses and resources that everyone can access. When you book onto a course through Mindmaps Wellbeing, please let us know on the enrolment form and tell us what you need to access the course and if applicable venue and materials.  
Currently there is no UK law for Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace.  
However, it is best practice to have mental health first aiders in the workplace. 
Our recommendation will depend on the number of employees and size of organisation. We will always recommend at least two MHFAiders in every organisation with a good rule of thumb to level up with the number of physical first aiders.  
When choosing who to be MHFAiders best practice would be to encourage volunteers to come forward for the role. 
It's most helpful to have options of MHFAiders in each department and levels of hierarchy.  
We believe the best way to resolve any issue is to talk about it. Please call us on 01803 523660 to speak to one of the team or email us on 
Complaints will be dealt with sensitively, promptly and in confidence. 
Mental Health First Aid courses are for everyone* The courses are designed so that you don’t need existing knowledge of mental health, just like you don’t need a medical background to take a first aid course. 
We would recommend MHFA England training for anyone – just as it’s a good idea for people to have basic knowledge of physical first aid. Here are just some of the people who benefit from MHFA England skills: 
Line managers 
HR professionals 
Social care professionals 
Foster parents 
First responders 
Staff nurses 
Local authorities 
Friends and family 
People with lived experience of mental ill health 
*The MHFA England Refresher course is for people who have completed the MHFA England Mental Health First Aid or Champion course previously. 
It depends on what you are interested in and who you want to support. 
We have courses to help you support: 
General adult population 
Colleagues and employees in the workplace 
Young people 
Students and staff in higher education 
We have preventative and first aid training with ongoing guidance and support services. With Mindmaps Wellbeing, we are with you for the journey, not just the training. 
Our expert team are on hand to help you choose the right course for you, contact us Mon–Fri 09:30–16:30 01803 523660 / 
Complete an enrolment form here.  
Contact us 01803 523660  
We have a range of different courses to suit your needs.  
Costs may vary depending on the course type, location and online or in-person delivery options.  
Guide to fees based on delivery through MINDWELL Companion 
1-hour Stress management, self-care & awareness session £400 ( based on up to 20 learners) 
2-hour Stress management, Self-care & awareness session £600 (based on up to 20 learners) 
4-hour Mental Health Skills for Employees £900 (based on up to 10 learners) 
1-Day Workplace Wellbeing Skills for Leaders & Managers £1600 (based on10 learners) 
2-Day Workplace Wellbeing Skills for Leaders & Managers £2900 (based on 10 learners) 
2-Day Mental Health First Aid £3000 (based on 10 learners) 
1.5 hour Quarterly Facilitated MHFAider Forum £35pp per session or £120pp for four. 
1-hour Quarterly Facilitated MHFAider Forum £300 (based on up to 25 attendees). 
2-hour Quarterly Facilitated MHFAider Forum £500 (based on up to 25 attendees). 
In-person training will incur an additional fee to cover expenses agrees at the time of booking confirmation.  
For closed groups and our advanced delegate plan, or if you have any questions about fees to attend a course, please contact us.  
As you may have already discovered there are many organisations and individuals providing similar training and generally you will find instructors are not Registered Mental Health Nurses or Clinicians (RMHN). They will have completed the instructor training in order to deliver the relevant course.  
We specialize in mental health training and guidance services for the workplace. Our instructors are highly experienced Registered Mental Health Professionals and Healthcare Educators. Our trainers are Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council or HCPC as Mental Health professionals and educators. Their personal and professional experiences allow them to bring the course content to life. 
Our team at Mindmaps Wellbeing is committed to working with you to provide training that complements and elevates your current wellbeing strategy. If you don't have one, we're happy to assist you to find the best solution for your organisation. 
We believe that Mindmaps Wellbeing have been truly blessed with the best group of mental health instructors on the planet. 
This will depend on the course you choose to attend, you will receive a certificate of attendance for all training completed. 
Mindmaps Wellbeing courses. 
Our courses are not currently CPD verified we aim to have this completed by 2025 with all our training options.  
NUCO courses 
FAA Levels 1 to 3 Award (RQF) dependant on course or at SCQF Levels 4 to 6. 
MHFA England  
Approved by the Royal Society of Public Health, not currently CPD accredited.  
For more information on course accreditation contact us.  
As the idea of Mental Health First Aid becomes more popular, some other training providers are starting to offer unlicensed 'mental health first aid' or 'first aid for mental health' instructor training. 
We would advise caution when choosing a training provider, whether you're looking for a mental health first aid course. The quality and safety of courses provided by other training providers cannot be guaranteed. 
The cost our training reflects the quality of teaching, materials and support that you will receive as part of your experience with us. Cheaper, unlicensed training is unlikely to have the evidence base or quality that is associated with our training programmes, which have been running for over five years and are part of a global programme active in 26 countries. 
When choosing Mindmaps Wellbeing you can feel safe knowing you will have a Registered Mental Health Nurse or Clinician delivering your training who are highly skilled professionals ensuring the wellbeing of attendees. 
All training completed with Mindmaps Wellbeing comes with FREE access to our exclusive MINDWELL Companion for ongoing guidance, self-care and resources. When sold separately this is valued at £5pp to £10pp per month subscription dependant on licence numbers.  
Mindmaps Wellbeing are not for crisis support.  
Please contact someone appropriate such as; 
Samaritans 116 123 
SHOUT (text) 85258 
NHS 111 
Emergency services 999 
We do provide private clinical support and guidance services with our team of Registered Mental Health Nurses and Clinicians. Contact us Mon - Fri 09:30 - 17:00 for more information.  
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