Guidance and Support Services 

At Mindmaps Wellbeing we quickly realised through the training courses that we provide; where we promote signposting individuals that are suffering with mental ill health towards professional support. Unfortunately, that process can take several months before receiving any real support. The problem is while individuals are waiting, they are likely to find their symptoms getting worse. To prevent this from occurring we have developed a range of guidance and support services which enables access to a mental health nurse, usually within 72 hours of the request being made.The services below were all born through working with our customers to find solutions for mental health in their workplaces. We are always happy to explore solutions with our customers to ensure we are providing options that workplaces need to provide a complete mental health programme.  

Return To Work Assessment  

This service can be completed online or in person. It is designed to help determine the mental fitness of an individual returning to the workplace. We provide guidance on any reasonable adjustments that may be needed, in order to support the individual's return to work. The assessment encourages a discussion around their mental wellbeing with a professional outside the workplace, which employees can often find easier. Many physical health issues can lead towards a mental health problem, making the review relevant for all staff returning from a period of sickness. This service has helped identify various mental health issues that people were hiding behind other ailments, such as 'A bad back' or 'Upset Stomach' to enable them to get the help and support they require and not simply struggle through. Following the assessment session, a report will be put together with our recommendations to support the individual. 
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In-House Drop-In Clinic (online through MINDWELL) 

The drop-in clinic ensures there is ongoing professional support for the workplace. We come to you to provide a selection of services including one to one support with a mental health nurse, additional group training to develop understanding and skills, and a discussion to support the mental health first aiders within the workforce. This gives an opportunity to discuss cases which have come up and provide support, guidance for future similar cases and and to offer reassurance. 
This is a four-hour session which can be broken down to provide varying amounts of time for each section and can vary each clinic to suit the workplace needs at the time. The clinic is most effective when used regularly either; Monthly, Bi-Monthly, recommended being no more than Quarterly. Available online or following the current Covid-19 guidelines for in-person.  

Wellbeing Assessment. 

Our initial assessment will explore the issues the individual is struggling with and provide guidance and support from a registered mental health nurse. 
The assessment is often enough to provide the individual with enough self-help techniques. 
The session is not timed as dependent on the individual situation it can vary, although usually around 1-2 hours are spent with the person seeking assistance. 
A report of the discussion is put together to provide any future guidance or support with a starting place. 
Recommendations of next steps for support. This can include a recommendation for further clinical treatment or reasonable adjustments within the workplace to support the individual.  

'Bridging The Gap' - Clinical Support 

The 'bridging the gap' service is designed to support a staff member through their mental ill health. This service is perfect to help with early intervention to avoid a longer term issue which can typically occur while they are waiting for the NHS availability. We have found that in the majority of cases they have worked through the issue and have plans in place with a support network to help them, often meaning they no longer need the NHS assistance (Helping to ease the burden on the NHS too). 
Prior to this service being available the individual must first complete, a Mental Health Assessment with us (as above) to ensure they are offered the right treatment programme. This could be a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) by a mental health nurse. On many occasions when the help is sought early the initial assessment with the support provided is all the individual needs to help them get back on track.  
If the individual is still receiving treatment at the point their NHS appointment and treatment programme is put into place we can supply a report for them to take to their appointment meaning they don't have to start from the beginning again, and continue on their road to recovery. We then hand over to the NHS team to continue their care. We're pleased to say from the time we have been providing our 'Bridging The Gap' service, our team of nurses have been able to assist individuals before the NHS have become involved.  

Mental Health First Aider Guidance, Support & Reassurance 

This is similar to the Drop-In Clinic service but is designed specifically to support the workplace mental health first aiders. To provide additional training and open discussions around various case studies they may have encountered through the previous period. The session provides reassurance and guidance for similar future cases they may encounter. The sessions are flexible and can be between one and four hours dependant on your workplace and outcomes you are looking to achieve. Book a call with us at ans we can discuss how we can best serve your needs. 
It is important to provide your MHFAiders with an outlet to offload and manage their own mental wellbeing. This service is most effective when used; Monthly; Bi-Monthly; and we recommend no more than Quarterly spaces between sessions.  

Mental Health or Workplace Wellbeing Policy 

Mindmaps Wellbeing are able to help your business to create or review an existing mental health and wellbeing policy. What is a mental health policy? It is an official statement that provides the overall direction for mental health by defining a vision, values, principles and objectives, and by establishing a broad model for action to achieve that vision.  
The policy may include details outlining the health and wellbeing aims for your business on the following topics; Aim of the policy, Objectives, Communication, Reviewing and monitoring of the policy. The overall health of a workplace includes both the physical and psychological well-being of its workers. All these factors play a role in employee mental health.  
There is also a legislative requirement for employers to protect the mental and physical health of their employees. 


We are able to provide the majority of these services using an online meeting platform, or on-site to provide mental health support and guidance for your workplace. You can book an initial consultation using the calendar link below to explore how we can best help your business. If there isn't a suitable option for you please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you to arrange a time that suits you.  

Request a free consultation to explore how we can support your organisations mental health programme. We work with all organisation sizes.  

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