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Spring is in the air!  With the arrival of spring, I wanted to dedicate this month’s newsletter to explore the advantages of spending time in nature. While winter walks are invigorating, the anticipation of spring and its warmer climate is something I look forward to each year. Living in Torbay, I appreciate the abundance of natural beauty right at my doorstep, from moors and rivers to woodlands and the seaside – a blessing I never take for granted. Personally, I find great joy in kayaking around the Bay during the magic hours of sunrise or sunset. We have dolphins visit the bay each year although I’ve not been lucky enough to see them while kayaking, I’ll be sure to update you if I do! We see ‘Sammy’ the resident seal and his friends regularly when we go out. The picture below was captured by Tim on one of our day trips. 

At Mindmaps Wellbeing, we are lucky to have our office located on the outskirts of Paignton, surrounded by fields. This setting attracts various local wildlife; we often receive visits from birds, such as our friendly Robin who reminds me to feed them daily. Recently, I caught a glimpse of a Deer dashing through the fields, and although I haven't spotted it, I've heard the soothing hoots of an owl in the evenings. Taking a few minutes each day to appreciate my surroundings can be both motivating and inspiring, or simply a way to unwind and relax. 

The healing power of nature. 

Outdoor activities can significantly impact our wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 
Interacting with nature also promotes physical activity, whether through a leisurely park walk, a hike, or simply sitting in a garden. Physical exercise triggers the release of endorphins, known as "feel-good" hormones,  
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