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Building connections with others is important for our mental wellbeing because it can: 
Enhance our happiness and self-worth by providing us with a sense of belonging, support, and shared experiences. 
Improve our physical health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and boosting immunity. 
Increase our resilience and coping skills by helping us deal with challenges, difficulties, and emotions. 
Expand our perspective and creativity by exposing us to new ideas, opinions, and cultures. 
Foster our growth and development by encouraging us to learn, explore, and express ourselves. 
To build and maintain healthy connections with others, we can: 
Be an active listener and show interest and empathy in what others say1. 
Communicate openly and honestly about our feelings, needs, and expectations. 
Respect and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of others. 
Seek out opportunities to meet new people and join groups or activities that interest us. 
Nurture and celebrate our existing relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. 
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