Mental health & wellbeing training. 

We take great pride to provide a variety of training opportunities suitable for the workplace, to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees and customers. With options on the depth of training and covering specific areas of mental health support, we are able to meet the needs of your organisation.  
Our aim is to ensure your staff are equipped to manage their own mental wellbeing and recognise when others may require support, as well as how to approach these situations as they arise. 
Learning takes place through a mixture of group activities, media, presentations and discussions, in a safe and supportive environment. 
All our training courses are available for in-person or online delivery. 
What you learn will depend on the length of course you attend. Please view our specific course pages of interest for more detailed information. If you don't see what you are looking for let us know we provide bespoke courses for many of our clients.  

Workplace guidance and support services. 

Mindmaps Wellbeing have a range of workplace mental health guidance and support services designed to support employees.  
After a few months providing mental health training we realised it wasn't enough on it's own. Many of our guidance services have been born while working closely with our customers and now include: 
Policy review / writing 
Return to work assessments 
Clinical assessment 1:1 with a Registered Mental Health Nurse 
'Bridging the Gap' Clinical support programme with a Registered Mental Health Professional 
In-house drop-in clinic  
MHFAider guidance, support & reassurance session (recommended quarterly) 

To join one of our online training sessions, you can book and pay online below, or complete an enrolment form if you would prefer to be invoiced. 

FREE access to MINDWELL Companion FREE edition. Simply fill in the form below. 

Why Choose Mindmaps Wellbeing as your training provider?  We are experts in businesses wellbeing strategy and offer a range of mental health training and support services to support this. Our result is employers having happier, supported employees who perform at their best in an environment that supports them mentally. With a preventative approach employers find savings in through less sickness absence, and maximising productivity. The largest saving to employers coming from having less presenteeism in the workplace.   To reduce the cost of mental health in your organisation, the evidence shows that investing in training and support programmes is the most effective way to achieve this.  We have courses ranging from a 1-hour Start the conversation (raising awareness) through to Wellbeing at Work 12-month comprehensive training programme designed for wellbeing leads and those with an interest to learn more.  Training makes a significant difference for the workplace and would encourage all organisations however big or small (even if it's just you) to take the time to have some learning to improve understanding and confidence when discussing mental wellbeing. The skills learned are something that can be used in every walk of life, with friends, family, colleagues, sports clubs and anywhere else you come in to contact with another human. However training alone isn't enough which is why at Mindmaps Wellbeing we have created ongoing guidance and support through MINDWELL. 

raining with Mindmaps Wellbeing is more than a tick-box exercise, we're with you for the entire journey!  
✅ Highest quality Instructor led training 
✅ Delegate learner pack (digital unless MHFA or NUCO) 
✅ Accredited Certificate upon completion 
✅ Your instructors are Registered Mental Health Nurses and Healthcare Educators (They of course have their own lived experiences, combined with their professional knowledge, which really brings the course content to life). 
✅ Free access to MINDWELL Companion 'course' edition (additonal resources and discussion board beyond the training session). 
When attending a Mental Health First Aid Course  
✅ Access to our online MHFAider peer support groups moderated by our instructor team of Registered Clinicians. This is open to all MHFAiders in your organisation, whether we have completed their training or not. (They be asked to show a certificate). 
✅ Access to MHFAider edition of MINDWELL Companion (for self-care, continued learning, and digital resources to support attendees in their role, join a community with over 1000 mental health first aiders). 
Favourites by our customers to compliment wellbeing stratergies. 
✅ Quarterly MHFAider Facilitated Forums, providing clarity and ongoing expert support, guidance and reassurance. Forum attendance fee is £35 or £100 for four sessions brought in advance. 
✅ MINDWELL Companion tailored for your workplace or organisation. Perfect for self-care, resources, and e-learning modules. Personalise the companion with additonal internal wellbeing materials and core e-learning plus so much more, ask us for a demonstration. 
✅ MINDWELL Companion Premium, as a premium member, you will receive more in depth content than the free edition offers including: 
Additional learning modules 
Downloadable templates 
Additional resources & materials 
10% off all of our instructor-led training courses 
Exclusive invite to a live 1-hr workshop, twice a year, hosted by a Registered Mental Health Nurse 

What experience do we have? 

All our instructors are highly experienced Registered Mental Health Professionals with extensive experience and knowledge, who have worked for the NHS for in excess of 20 years each. They are Registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council or HCPC as Mental Health Professionals and Educators delivering a broad range of mental health training. Of course while being professionals, they are still human and not immune from mental ill health, and have their personal life experiences too.  
This amounts to a wealth of knowledge and experience which they use to really bring the course content to life, ensuring learners haven't simply heard the slides read-out but come away with an understanding and confidence to hold wellbeing conversations and support individuals in a crisis. 
See the about us page for full bio's of our instructor team and their experience.  
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